SPFR in Philadelphia, MS January 6-7, 2017 @ 7:00PM
$3,500 added per event


Announcer: Mark Northall
Barrel Man: Trent McFarland
Judges: James Bearden, Eddie Adams, Dustin Brown & Dale Brown
Secretary: Lisa Bearden
Timers: Laci Beaden & Debra Buchanan
Bull Fighters: Nick Terry & Jamie Kuhn
Pickup Men: Fireball Hester, Stacy Benton, Lee Aust
Indoor Rodeo of the Year: Huntsville AL - Double Creek Rodeo Co.
Outdoor Rodeo of the Year: Rockmart GA -  Oubre Rodeo Co.
Stock Contractor of the Year: Double Creek Rodeo Company
Photographer: Jeff Homan Photography
Bareback Horse of the Year:  V19 - Bubba Oubre Rodeo Co.
Saddle Bronc Horse of the Year: 381 Lap Dance - Double Creek Rodeo Co
Bucking Bull of the Year: 165 Circus Freak - Circle J&K Cattle Co.


1:00PM MANDATORY Event Directors Meeting - Arena Conference Room
5:00PM Run Timed Event Cattle (Run once)
7:00PM-9:00PM Open Arena

9:00AM-12:00 NOON Bucking Stock Check In @ Philadelphia, MS Stockyard
10:00AM SYBB Finals Go #1
1:00PM Contestant/Director Check In @ Arena
1:30PM Mandatory Contestant Meeting (Western Attire)
7:00PM 1st Go SPFR
After Party to Follow @ Silverstar Convention Center

10:00AM SYBB Go #2
11:00AM Stock Contractor/Lessor/Producer Meeting - Arena Conference Room
1:00PM-3:00PM Open Arena (After SYBB)
7:00PM 2nd Go SPFR
Awards Ceremony/After Party to Follow @ Silverstar Convention Center

Neshoba County Coliseum, 12000 Mississippi 15, Philadelphia, MS 39350

Stalls & RV Available. Stalls are $50.00 for the SPFR. No shavings provided. Only
1stall per contestant per event. No tie outs or portable pens allowed. RV will be  
available on site through the Neshoba County Coliseum.
**NO parking of trailers in the barn area**

Each contestant will receive 1 companion pass per performance. Additional
discounted tickets may be purchased through the SPRA office.
2016 SPFR